Friday, July 10, 2015


Well, since this is a Destiny blog, I should probably give you my Xbone gamertag, which is Bigjuicyhog52.

I was previously a blogger at, but an bit really playing a lot of WoW these days.

These days, I am mostly into Crucible, which is Destiny's version of PvP. I am pretty decent at it, and play it with much of my free time.

I have a couple of regular team mates who I run threes with, and a bunch of other people who I will run 6 mans with.

These are my Destinytracker stats.

I play quite a bit and have been improving over time. One thing about having played a lot is that it takes a lot of time to raise your KD as well.

I will be trying to put some tips together at different times for different posts.

If you are a fan of crucible, or hope to get better at it, maybe I can help you out.

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